"Your DMAE Restorative Cream cream literally took away my wrinkles overnight! I can’t believe the difference!" 
-Health Advocate, Dee N. from Toronto, ON

"As a clinician, I look for products that will help my patients. We have found time after time that your Opti-Cal/Mag complex is the best product ever! Please, whatever you do, never run out of this formulation because I don’t know what I would do without it. Thank God that you have Tryptophan--finally it is back, and we love you guys."
-Clinician, Brenda E. in Victoria, BC

"Your melatonin is our brand of choice. It must have something to do with the DMF quality that you use. It works consistently and the liquid form is great for children and the elderly."
-Health Store, Elaine from Edmonton, AB

 "Our customers love your products! The Lean Energizer, GABA, DLPA, and Vanadyl Sulphate just fly off the shelves."
-Health Store, Darlene B. Toronto, ON

 "We have received very good results with your Neurological Support. This one product replaces several others, and patient response is noticeable." 
-Naturopathic Doctor, from Calgary, AB

 "We have tried other chromium picolinates and our sales went way off. We didn’t connect the dots until customers told us that the others don’t work as well as the Life Choice brand. Whatever you are doing, just keep on doing it. We love your products."
-Health Food Store, Sheila Y, Kelowna, BC

 "Your tyrosine is the best we have used so far for our customers, and it has helped my son tremendously. Without it, he is totally wired up. We love the 1,000 mg; when will you have it back in stock?" 
-Health Food Store, Darlene B. Alberta

 "We are waiting for the Balanced Female. When will this product be back on the market? We have hundreds of back orders." 
-Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. C. from Victoria, BC

"One customer claims that since using your Balanced Female, her hair has stopped falling out. She buys 6 at a time so she never runs out."
-Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Jeff from Calgary, AB 

"Insomnia has been an ongoing issue in my life and Life Choice's Kava Kava was the first product I found that instantly worked. It calmed my mind and all the way down to my lower extremities without the drowsy symptoms that most sleep aids cause. I woke up feeling well rested and my energy during the day was improved thanks to a good nights sleep. As a future ND, I would feel comfortable and confident using this product as an effective therapy for those suffering from sleep disturbances and anxiety."
-Naturopathic Student, Kristina F. from Toronto, ON