About Us

Health in Herbals was founded in 2009 with a commitment to provide people with natural, holistic, plant-based, alternative products of the finest quality. We are a Canadian company that is family owned and operated.

Health in Herbals believes in prevention in order to maintain and/or restore optimal health. This is the primary goal in the products we offer, therefore, quality is never compromised.

Health in Herbals exclusively provides licensed Nutraceutical products that distinguish themselves as effective alternatives to allopathic (drug) medicine. We provide the innovation and professional diligence, making sure all of our products use only the very best raw materials. These raw materials are finalized by 3rd party clinical testing, producing optimal results for satisfied and healthier consumers.

Health in Herbals sells to the health-conscious public, supporting the natural health industry with reliable and professional health awareness. We work hard to assure that the health seeking public have the access to the quality of Nutraceuticals and health food products they deserve: the very best.

Health in Herbals values ethical values and integrity. Our pledge is to have the highest standard of excellence in every product Health in Herbals offers to our valued customers.


Health in Herbals regularly contributes to organizations like the Mustard SeedPETA, Calgary Women’s Shelter, Covenant House in Vancouver, as well as Slovakian orphanages.